At Gilmore Global we build high performance global operations. We have our finger on the pulse of our client’s channel to continually assess and monitor the effectiveness of channel operations. We will seek new channel partners, support existing partners, market to the channel and more - all to improve channel health and performance. We help our clients to lower and control costs while at the same time improve the efficiency of global sales and distribution. Some of the world’s largest companies look to Gilmore Global to support their global operations and build successful channels. A good example is our role as a Cisco Education Services Provider.
Get more from your global channel operations. Contact us to find out how.


Supercharge your channel operations.

Gilmore Global will research and acquire new channel partners for authorized channel programs. We take on the legwork – prospecting, courting, evaluating – based on our clients’ defined criteria and requirements. Once on board, we work to smoothly integrate the new channel partner into our clients’ business stream. Let Gilmore Global help your organization build and optimize its global channel.
Here’s how:
  • Continuously refresh channel resources;
  • Achieve market penetration goals more readily;
  • Meet revenue obligations to corporate head office;
  • Gain better brand awareness at the consumer level;
  • Extend the scope and range of trained personnel; and
  • Build a strong and integrated sales and marketing channel.
Finding the right channel partners takes work. Let Gilmore Global be your organization’s channel acquisition and integration experts.


Market to your channel for peak performance, bigger returns.

Dedicated and consistent marketing support is critical to get the most from channel infrastructure and investments. Drive global sales and protect product and brand integrity in multiple markets around the world.
Maximizing returns from channel infrastructure is a key service within the Gilmore Global Channel Engagement solution. We work on behalf of our customers to deliver marketing content and
support channel partners, when they need it. At the same time, we make sure the commitment, values, mission and tactical priorities of our customers are positioned appropriately and maintained.
Launching a new product? Promoting an upcoming tradeshow or event? Selling the attributes of membership? Gilmore Global can help your organization to maximize the sales channels.
Here’s how:
  • Marketing dollars are utilized more effectively;
  • Relationship marketing with advanced curl and purl technologies;
  • Protect corporate brand integrity and intellectual property;
  • Maintain consistency across the channel; and
  • Optimize channel resources.