Electronic Content Delivery

Lose the paper and lower costs.

    Do you connect with trainees and employees in the way they want to be reached? We work with technology and other companies to deliver content when, where and how today’s audiences want it: fast, electronic, mobile, and on-demand. Even better, we work with our customers to reduce their overall spend on production and distribution of content and materials.
    eVantage is Gilmore Global’s signature “e” content delivery solution. eVantage offers a feature-rich, premium e-content solution designed to satisfy any learner. eVantage offers more than a simple PDF. With eVantage users have the ability to make notes and highlights, collaborate with others and access material across multiple access points.
    Meanwhile, eVantage Light provides an easy way to distribute electronic content while protecting intellectual property with a robust security infrastructure. eVantage Light offers faster time to market and cost effective metrics.
    eVantage Vault offers a secure and easy way to access content anywhere, anytime. Video, audio or other content are deployed via a secure online link.
    PDF download: Electronic Content Delivery: eVantage
    Electronic Content
    Delivery: eVantage
    e-vantage 'old way' vs 'new way'
    PRODUCT TYPEeVantageeVantage LighteVantage Vault
    Supported filesPDF, XML and EPUB3PDFAny file format
    Secure eContent Solutionvvv
    Advanced Security Optionvv 
    Search terms within a Bookvv 
    Search terms within your entire libraryv  
    Workstation Access Pointvv 
    Browser Access Pointvv 
    Mobile Device Access Pointvv 
    Synchronization between platformsv  
    Ability to make notes and highlightsvv 
    The Gilmore Global Electronic Content Delivery solution and eVantage complement the Gilmore Global training content and delivery solution . We bring content delivery to a new level. Improved training services and products at a lower cost.

    Content Production & Deployment

    Set the bar high for training and marketing delivery.

      Gilmore Global delivers global organizations a single point of contact to manage the production and fulfillment of training content for audiences around the world. Our centralized approach protects intellectual property and brand integrity and at the same time delivers the consistent, high-performance training solution and product our clients demand.
      Build a high performance training production and deployment solution. Contact us to find out how. Build a high performance training production and deployment solution. Contact us, to find out how.

      Training Delivery & Fulfillment

      Supercharge your global stakeholder training.

      Some of the world’s leading training organizations look to Gilmore Global to deliver high performance training content delivery and fulfillment for superior stakeholder training. We tailor our services to meet your organization’s unique business objectives.
      Anywhere, anytime and in virtually any format – Gilmore Global Training Delivery and Fulfillment takes stakeholder training to a new level.
      We manage the content, process orders, administer billing and process all payments. From start to finish we do it all – directly for our clients or for our clients’ customers.
      Why do organizations choose Gilmore Global for Training Delivery and Fulfillment? We add value providing valuable strategic insight and advice. We work closely with our clients to develop a tailored solution and drive key business objectives.
      Whether it’s operational efficiencies, environmental performance, cost reductions or all of the above, the Gilmore Global Training Delivery and Fulfillment service delivers the most comprehensive and flexible suite of services.

      Marketing Fulfillment

      Relevant marketing content delivered anywhere, anytime. Global made simple.

      Get the most from your organization’s global sales and marketing channel. Support them with relevant and timely marketing content and materials. We make it simple.
      Gilmore Global integrated solution delivers everything today’s global businesses need to supply timely, quality and relevant marketing content anywhere, anytime. We enable organizations to reach in-the-field sales teams, channel partners, employees and customers easily and cost effectively. 
      We work closely with our customers to develop tailored, high performance marketing fulfillment programs. From the production of collateral in any format to our state-of the-art and highly secure warehousing and order management processes, Gilmore Global offers global organizations a one-stop marketing fulfillment shop. The Gilmore Global Enterprise Content Management System (ECMS) manages all customer content. Collateral is systematically managed over its lifecycle from initial release through revision management right to the product end of life.
      Our advanced web-to-print service and robust e-business architecture enables reps to pull together marketing packages for unique verticals, audiences and even individual clients. And of course, we offer a full range of sophisticated, traditional print, promotional item and direct-marketing services.

      Global Revenue Operations

      Send global sales soaring while keeping overhead grounded.

        Let us worry about all those small but voluminous financial transactions so you don’t have to. At Gilmore Global, we can manage any financial transaction, in any amount for any quantity, in almost any currency, for any product, around the world. We operate as a seamless extension of your business. We assume the burden and the overhead of setting up and maintaining revenue administration systems so you don’t have to. Gilmore Global is the service provider of choice for businesses that want to sell to the world while keeping overhead and administrative costs in check. Global sales across global markets – we make it simple.
        Going global? Contact us, we can help.


        Revenue Management

        Operating a global business is complex. We make it simple.

        We have made significant investments in revenue management infrastructure and expertise so our clients don’t have to. Scalable and easily monitored to track the movement of product, our revenue management service is like no other.
        The Gilmore Global Revenue Management service far exceeds that of other service providers. 
        Here’s why. The Gilmore Global service is:
        • Scalable to handle tens, hundreds or thousands of monthly customer transactions;
        • Powered by sophisticated business intelligence and data analytics platforms;
        • Supported with a convenient dashboard and reporting capabilities enabling clients to monitor the movement of product daily or hourly;
        Gilmore Global provides clients with a specialized team dedicated exclusively to revenue management programs. In addition, our service can transact in multiple currencies including those that need special consideration (e.g. BRIC countries).


        Billing Fees

        Full financial services for specialized billing and more.

        Gilmore Global is a convenient and cost-effective, one stop shop for a full-service global financial centre. Some of the world’s largest companies look to Gilmore Global to handle billing of annual fees and dues in order to focus on core business activities. 
        Gilmore Global’s Billing Fees service is a key component of our Global Revenue Operations solution. 
        We can, on behalf of our clients, bill yearly dues or fees to authorized channel partners.
        This highly specialized service is supported by our invoicing, collections and full front and back-office capabilities. Operating as an extension of our clients’ businesses, we deliver a full service financial centre. Our clients can focus on their core business and leave the administrative burden of billing fees to us. Some of the world’s most respected global companies choose Gilmore Global.
        Here’s why:
        • Streamline large volume, low dollar fee processing;
        • Reduce overhead costs;
        • Manage full sales and use tax collections;
        • Manage withholding tax and lines of credit;
        • Improve day sales outstanding; and 
        • Contribute more to the bottom line.


        Multiple Currency Transactions

        Many markets. Multiple currencies. We make it simple.

        The world is getting smaller yet doing business in a global marketplace can be complicated. Gilmore Global takes the complexity out of doing business across multiple borders. Gilmore Global enables global companies to operate in multiple currencies legally and easily. Our highly specialized service supports global organizations to do more business in more markets.
        Here’s why:
        • Invoice in over 16 currencies;
        • Transact in more than six credit card currencies;
        • Correctly and legally do business in challenging markets including Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRIC);
        • Manage all applicable taxes and duties;
        • Invoice electronically or by paper;
        • Readily meet unique, country-specific requirements; and
        • Faster time-to-market

        Channel Engagement

        Boost the performance of your global channel operations.

          At Gilmore Global we build high performance global operations. We have our finger on the pulse of our client’s channel to continually assess and monitor the effectiveness of channel operations. We will seek new channel partners, support existing partners, market to the channel and more - all to improve channel health and performance. We help our clients to lower and control costs while at the same time improve the efficiency of global sales and distribution. Some of the world’s largest companies look to Gilmore Global to support their global operations and build successful channels. A good example is our role as a Cisco Education Services Provider.
          Get more from your global channel operations. Contact us to find out how.


          Supercharge your channel operations.

          Gilmore Global will research and acquire new channel partners for authorized channel programs. We take on the legwork – prospecting, courting, evaluating – based on our clients’ defined criteria and requirements. Once on board, we work to smoothly integrate the new channel partner into our clients’ business stream. Let Gilmore Global help your organization build and optimize its global channel.
          Here’s how:
          • Continuously refresh channel resources;
          • Achieve market penetration goals more readily;
          • Meet revenue obligations to corporate head office;
          • Gain better brand awareness at the consumer level;
          • Extend the scope and range of trained personnel; and
          • Build a strong and integrated sales and marketing channel.
          Finding the right channel partners takes work. Let Gilmore Global be your organization’s channel acquisition and integration experts.


          Market to your channel for peak performance, bigger returns.

          Dedicated and consistent marketing support is critical to get the most from channel infrastructure and investments. Drive global sales and protect product and brand integrity in multiple markets around the world.
          Maximizing returns from channel infrastructure is a key service within the Gilmore Global Channel Engagement solution. We work on behalf of our customers to deliver marketing content and
          support channel partners, when they need it. At the same time, we make sure the commitment, values, mission and tactical priorities of our customers are positioned appropriately and maintained.
          Launching a new product? Promoting an upcoming tradeshow or event? Selling the attributes of membership? Gilmore Global can help your organization to maximize the sales channels.
          Here’s how:
          • Marketing dollars are utilized more effectively;
          • Relationship marketing with advanced curl and purl technologies;
          • Protect corporate brand integrity and intellectual property;
          • Maintain consistency across the channel; and
          • Optimize channel resources.

          Supply Chain

          Better manage global inventory and strengthen post-sale relationships.

            In today’s highly competitive markets, smart organizations are looking to supply chain management as a means to add value and boost financial performance. As input and labour costs increase, the need to improve operational efficiencies is imperative. Successful global companies consider operational excellence a competitive advantage. Effective supply chain management can bring added value on a number of fronts including reduced costs, better-managed cash flow, greater market flexibility and more. At Gilmore Global we work with some of the world’s biggest companies to drive greater value out of their supply chains.
            Is your supply chain running at peak performance? Contact us, we can help.



            Better manage global inventory.

            Global organizations face many cross-border challenges when trying to move goods in and out of global markets. Serving as a single procurement portal, Gilmore Global ensures the consistent availability of materials around the world. A key benefit of the Gilmore Global service is our ability to buy stock and manage it from start to finish. Our customers only pay for product when it
            is ordered helping to smoothen cash flow. Gilmore Global enables inventory to flow more freely across borders and at less cost. 
            Here’s how:
            • Specialized procurement teams for non-print goods;
            • Reduced duties and other cross-border exposures;
            • Faster times to market from regional, global fulfillment centres; and
            • Well-managed vendor payments for improved supplier relations.
            Let Gilmore Global manage stock and inventories to move freely across multiple borders. 


            Post-Sale Support

            Make the most of the post-sale relationship.

            Deliver exceptional after sales service without the need to set up costly post-sale infrastructure. Gilmore Global operates as a virtual extension of its clients’ businesses to support its clients’ customers in a variety of ways for high performance global operations.
            The customer experience after a product is sold is as important as the steps that led to the point of purchase. Gilmore Global offers flexible, post-sale services for a variety of scenarios.
            Our clients often rely on us to support their channels by providing end users with product return services, product information or any other type of post-sale customer service. End users can also go through Gilmore Global to make product or course inquiries for certifications. We operate as an extension of our clients. For the end user, the experience is completely seamless and efficient.
            Here’s why some of the world’s leading global companies look to Gilmore Global for post-sale support:
            • Allows organizations to concentrate on core business activities while customer service and support is expertly managed;
            • Reduces costs and improves service levels;
            • Improves and sustains high levels of brand acceptance; and
            • Increases customer efficiencies and brand confidence.

            Managed Services

            Simplify, harmonize and streamline your global operations.

              Tired of dealing with a symphony of suppliers? Gilmore Global can harmonize your global operations. We are the managed services provider of choice for organizations that want to streamline global operations, lower costs, while protecting product quality and brand integrity. We simplify the whole process. Rather than managing multiple vendors, organizations deal with one single vendor: Gilmore Global. Our customer management team provides a single platform from which our clients’ exacting standards of product quality and customer management processes are delivered.
              Optimize global operations with one single supplier and one simple solution.

              SMART kapp

              Stop taking pictures of whiteboards. Collaborate the SMART way.

                Generate ideas and instantly save your dry erase/whiteboard content with SMART kapp. SMART kapp is as simple to use as a whiteboard yet it’s also a cutting edge, connected collaboration tool. It allows you to write, draw and capture ideas using any dry erase markers while enabling users to save content and instantly share their work with anyone, anywhere, anytime. 
                SMART kapp supports and simplifies global communications. There’s no IT integration needed. Simply plug SMART kapp into a standard outlet, connect wirelessly and you are ready to go. With today’s increasingly distributed workforce SMART kapp is a forward thinking collaborative tool that’s available right now.
                Innovative and connected global collaboration. SMART kapp is the new way to “whiteboard”.

                See the magic of SMART kapp.

                Video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-tei6aLNI5c